Creditcard pre-authorisation

As a student or tenant from abroad, you can apply for a Deposit Guarantee with Savéon. We require a credit card pre-authorisation of 50% of the Deposit Guarantee Amount as a counter guarantee. You give us a pre-authorisation during the concluding process of the Deposit Guarantee for the entire rental period. Every month we will renew the pre-authorisation until 60 days after termination of the the rental contract. A pre-authorisation is a reservation of an amount and is blocked on your card, therefore it will not cost you interest, but only spending space. The €2,50 + 0,7% annual fee and the one-off closing fee of €49 are included in the first pre-authorisation. If we don’t receive a new pre-authorisation, we will debit the entire Deposit Guarantee amount. We will then keep the amount in deposit until the lease agreement is terminated. For a successful pre-authorisation, you must have a Mastercard, Visa card or a debit Mastercard with sufficient funds for pre-authorisation of 50% of the Deposit Guarantee Amount.

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